Snookerkilpailu tulevana sunnuntaina/Snooker competion this Sunday

On taas aika vuosittaiselle snookerkilpailulle Suomi-talolla! Rekisteröinti alkaa klo 10, osallistumismaksu $5. Kisat alkavat klo 11. Sarjoissa naiset, miehet ja nuoret. Suomi-kauppa, kahvila ja baari ovat auki kilpailun ajan. Tervetuloa!

It’s time for our annual Snooker Competition at the Finnish Hall! Registration starts at 10.00am, $5 fee to play. Competition starts at 11am in three categories: women, men and youth. Suomi shop, cafe and bar are open during the event. Welcome!

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Suomi 100 julistenäyttely / Finland 100 poster exhibition

Vuonna 2017 itsenäinen Suomi juhlii satavuotista taivaltaan. Mutta Suomella ja suomalaisilla on pitkä historia jo ennen itsenäisyyden aikaa. Valtaosa nykyisen Suomen alueesta oli osa Ruotsin kuningaskuntaa 1300-luvulta vuoteen 1809. Vuosina 1809–1917 Suomi kuului puolestaan Venäjän keisarikuntaan. Itse asiassa nykyisen Etelä-Suomen alue oli viikinkien kauttakulkualuetta jo yli tuhat vuotta sitten. Australiaan ensimmäiset suomalaiset saapuivat 1800-luvun puolivälin tienoilla, niin kutsutun suuren kultaryntäyksen aikana. Mutta olipa jo kapteeni Cookin  kuuluisan HMS Endeavourin luonnontutkijoiden joukossa suomalainen Herman Spöring nuorempi, joka vieraili Australian mantereella jo vuonna 1770.

Suomi 100 historianäyttely kertoo kaikesta tästä, mutta myös monesta muusta Suomen historiaan ja kulttuuriin liittyvästä erityispiirteestä. Näyttely on osa Melbournen Suomi-seuran järjestämää Suomen satavuotisen itsenäisyyden juhlavuoden ohjelmaa. Se koostuu laajasta posteriesitelmästä, jossa käsitellään Suomen ja suomalaisten historiaa esihistoriasta 2000-luvulle (FT Tero Anttila). Posterit esittelevät myös suomalaista kulttuuriin erityispiirteitä ja tarjoavat kiinnostavia tietoja australiansuomalaisten historiasta (Anneli Huttunen–Rickards).

Posteriesitelmä “Suomen historia” osoittaa, että Suomen ja suomalaisten historiaa on vaikea ymmärtää tuntematta yleisempää Euroopan ja maailman historiaa. Esitelmä on nimensä mukaisesti vain yksi näkökulma Suomen historiaan.

Tervetuloa tutustumaan näyttelyyn Suomi-talolle!

* * *

Year 2017 marks the centenary of Finland’s independence. But Finland and the Finns have a long history before the period of independence. The present-day Finland was part of the kingdom of Sweden from the fourteenth century to year 1809, whereas in 1809–1917 Finland was the part of the Russian Empire. In fact, the present-day Southern Finland was probably a transit area of the Vikings already over a thousand years ago. The first Finnish migrants arrived in Australia during the Gold Rush in the 1850s. But the first Finn to set foot on Australian soil was Herman Spöring Jr. in 1770. He was amongst the naturalists on the expedition of the famous HMS Endeavour under the command of James Cook.

Finland 100 History Exhibition reveals all this, but also numerous other interesting aspects of the Finnish history and culture. The exhibition is part of the programme of centenary of Finland’s independence organised by the Finnish Society of Melbourne. It consists of a comprehensive poster exhibition which deals with the history of Finland and the Finns from the prehistoric times to the 2000s (Dr Tero Anttila). The posters also introduce some characteristics of Finnish culture along with interesting information about the history of Finnish Australians (Anneli Huttunen–Rickards).

The Poster exhibition “A History of Finland” explains that it is not possible to understand the history of Finland and the Finns without being familiar with the general history of Europe and the World. As the title implies, the exhibition gives only one viewpoint to the history of Finland.

We welcome you to come and see the Poster exhibition at the Finnish Hall!



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Kesäkuun uutiskirje julkaistu/ June newsletter published

Julkaisimme juuri kesäkuun uutiskirjeen! Jos se ei ole saapunut sähköpostiisi, voit lukea sen täältä. Siinä on juttua sunnuntain juhannusjuhlista ja saunan avajaisista ja sisältää raportit menneistä tapahtumista. Muistutamme varaamaan kalenteriin päivät vuosikokoukselle ja itsenäisyyspäivän gaalalle. Jäsenmaksun uusiminen on tullut myös jälleen ajankohtaiseksi toimintavuodelle 2017-18. Pian jäsenetuihin kuuluu edullisempi saunan käyttö, voit lukea lisää siitä uudelta saunasivultamme. Kerromme myös Suomi 100-kampanjoista ulkosuomalaisille.
* * *
We just published the June newsletter! If you did not receive it, you can read it here. It tells about the Midsummer celebration and sauna opening this Sunday and includes reports of the past events. We also remind you to save the dates for the AGM and the Independence Day Gala as well as renewing FSM membership for 2017-18. The membership benefits include a reduced price for the Finnish Hall sauna, you can read more about it on our new sauna webpage. We are also informing about the Finland 100 campaigns engaging Finns living abroad.

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Juhannuslounas ja saunan avajaiset/ Midsummer lunch and opening of the sauna

Tervetuloa viettämään juhannusta ja saunan avajaisia Melbournen Suomi-talolle sunnuntaina 25.6. klo 13 alkaen! Perinteisen juhannuslounaan lisäksi juhlistamme saunan valmistumista sen ensimmäisillä löylyillä (naisten ja miesten vuorot lounaan jälkeen). Ohjelmassa mm. myös pelejä ja saunamakkaran grillausta. Ota mukaan oma pyyhe ja pefletti/ laudeliina. Huom: kuten emojit ehdottavat, saunamme on uimapukuvapaa (mutta voit aina kayttaa pyyhetta, jos tarpeen). Lounaan hinta (sis. saunan) on jäsenille $20 MSS:n jäsenille ja $25 ei-jäsenille. Ilmoittauduthan viimeistään torstaina 22.6. Pirjolle meilillä ( tai puhelimitse 0419554390.

Lue täältä suomalaiselle saunalle luodusta emojista.
* * *
Welcome to celebrate Finnish Midsummer and the opening of the sauna at the Finnish Hall on Sunday 25th of June from 1pm onwards! In addition to the traditional Midsummer lunch we will be testing the heat of the brand new sauna (women’s and men’s shifts after lunch). There will also be games and sauna sausage barbecuing. Please bring your own towel and sauna seat cover. Also note that as the emojis’ (lack of) attire suggests, our sauna is swim suit free (but you can always wrap a towel around you if you like). Lunch price (including sauna) is $20 for FSM members and $25 non-members. Please RSVP to Pirjo latest by Thu 22nd June via email ( or by phone 0419554390.

Read here about the Finnish sauna feeling and the emoji created for this sacred place for Finns.

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Finnish for beginners – a weekday course starting soon

A new Finnish for beginners course by a qualified teacher will begin on Wednesday evenings at the premises of the Finnish Lutheran Church, 143 Brown Street, Heidelberg.keep-calm-and-opi-suomea-2

The course will start on the 31st of May 2017
at 6.30 pm – 7.45 pm.

For more details, please contact:
Tarja Papantoniou, ph. 0413 519 455.



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Finnish forward Anton Kokkonen joins the Melbourne Mustangs for the 2017 ice hockey season

Exciting news for ice hockey enthusiasts and all Melbournian Finns alike – this winter offers a rare chance to see some Finnish talent on local ice as the Finnish forward Anton Kokkonen will be playing for the Melbourne Mustangs, wearing #56. Kokkonen has previously played in the Australian Ice Hockey League in 2014, where he scored 59 points in 25 games and is now looking forward to going all the way to fight for the Cup.

Anton describes himself as a “playmaker type of centre” who creates opportunities for his team mates and wants to “bring a more offensive game on the ice”.

Come and be part of the action yourself at Melbourne Mustang’s next home game this Saturday the May 13th at OBGA Ice Rink in Docklands. For tickets and more information, see Melbourne Mustang’s website – and see you at the Rink!


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Join us for the Finnish Festival on Easter weekend!

Lue tämä postaus suomeksi täältä (read this post in Finnish here).

We are very excited about hosting the 51st Finnish Festival
in Altona in a few days! The Finnish Society of Melbourne team has geared up for the event e.g. by preparing baked goods for sale and getting the Finnish Hall ready with a cleaning bee. The exterior cladding of the sauna is also now done and we will have the sauna at lock-up by Easter. Finnish Festival was also featured in the local Star Weekly newspaper recently.

The Finnish Festival program can be found here (detailed program will be for sale during Easter for $5). The Festival kicks off with an opening ceremony on Friday 14th April at 10 am (after festival church service at 8 am). There are lots of fun events displaying Finnish sports and culture so come along to follow and cheer the competitors (some events are ticketed so please check the program linked above)!

One of the highlights is the Dinner Dance on Saturday evening 15th April. The music is provided by a live band “Twisted Tango” and they will take the festival guests on a musical journey from Elvis to classic tango. To celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence there will also be a food surprise. Finnish chef Jenni Tuominen, who has recently graduated from a top chef school in France (pictured below on the right), comes from Paris to Australia especially for this event and will prepare an 8-course dinner of ‘sapas’ (Finnish style tapas). Tickets are $45 ($40 concession for pensioners and students) and include sapas dinner with a glass of wine and a night of fun. Tickets can still be purchased in advance online (TryBooking) or from the Finnish Hall from Kimmo/ at the door.

Logo of the Australasian Federation of Finnish Societies and Clubs Inc.

At the heart of the Finnish Festival are the sports and culture competitions, each participant representing one of the Australian Finnish clubs. In culture, there are nine events, including folk dancing, singing, humour and drawing competition for kids. Sports events include baseball, cross-country running, mölkky (Finnish throwing game) and volley ball.

Registration for the Festival events has closed apart from the kids’ drawing competition that is still open with the theme “Suomi 100 – Together”. Drawing size is A4 with two age categories: children 8 years and under & children 12 years and under. Please write your name, age, address and the name of your club behind your drawing and send it to the Finnish Hall or bring your drawing with you to the Finnish Festival on Friday the 14th April at the latest. You can search for inspiration from the Suomi 100 website. Winners will be chosen and announced on Sunday the 16th April at the closing ceremony of the Festival by Ambassador Lars Bäckström and Mrs Bäckström from the Embassy of Finland in Canberra.

There are also workshops on folk dancing, children’s baseball and mölkky that everyone can join in and try these traditional Finnish events (no cost, no pre-registration needed). We will receive special Finnish guests as the folk dancing group Hilipakka (pictured below) will join us from Siilinjärvi (eastern Finland). In addition to dancing workshops, Hilipakka will perform to the Festival guests on Easter Friday at 5pm (tickets $10). They have visited Australia also before and are very excited about coming here again!

The Finnish Festival needs volunteers to make this event a success. Thus, if you are still interested in lending a pair of hands in the kitchen, competition timekeeping or elsewhere, please let our festival secretary Anneli know!

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