Events in 2015

Happy New year for all members and friends of the Finnish Society!

The traditional barbecue started this year and brought plenty of Finns and friends to Altona. If you missed this event, no worries, there are many opportunities to come together also this year.

28th of March we will have a special event at the Finnish Hall. The tango royal Pekka Mikkola (the winner of Seinäjoki tango competition 2012) will visit Melbourne and perform at the Finnish Hall. Save the date in your diary!


(picture: Minna Annola)

2.5. May Day – the day that we Finns love, will be celebrated in Altona with Mölkky competition and barbecue. May Day Mölkky is something you don’t want to miss! Please invite also your Nordic friends to participate to this exciting competition.

21.6. Midsummer is traditionally celebrated in Altona with amazing food, traditional folk dances and choir music. As it’s the darkest time of the year in Melbourne, this festivity will bring some light and fun to the season.

Keep on eye all coming events for the year through the events on this website or follow the Finnish Society of Melbourne in Facebook.

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