Suomi-Päivät / Finnish Games 29-31.3.2013

The 2013 Finnish Games will be held at the Melbourne Finnish Hall in Altona on Easter Weekend, from Friday March 29.3 to Sunday 31.3.

Friday 29.3.

9am — Worship Service
11 am — Table Tennis and Snooker

Saturday 30.3.

8am — Cross Country Run, Walking, Baseball, Volleyball at JK Grant Reserve, Altona (just down the street from the Finnish Hall)
10am — Opening Ceremony
12 noon — Finnish Expatriate Parliament (Ulkosuomalaisparlamentti) meeting
1pm –Australasian Suomalaisten Liitto meeting
7pm — Evening Dance featuring Musa-Masa, tickets $15

Sunday 31.3.

8am — Baseball, Volleyball, Mölkky, Kyykkä at JK Grant Reserve
Medal presentation

The barbeque will be hot and the beers cold for all outdoor events, and the kitchen and bar at the Finnish Hall will be open as well from 7am each morning.  (Please note that our liquor license does not allow you to bring your own alcohol.)  All ages welcome, join the fun and help support the Society!


About Jeff

I.T Consultant, Communications and Membership Officer for the Finnish Society of Melbourne.
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2 Responses to Suomi-Päivät / Finnish Games 29-31.3.2013

  1. Kiko says:


    where can I find a Finnish restaurant in Melbourne?

    Thank you

    • jpatokal says:

      There are none that we’re aware of, the Danish restaurant “Dansk” on Lt Bourke is as close as it gets. But you can pick up real Finnish items at our shop, or come to our larger events for a home-cooked Finnish meal!

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